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A Natural Herbal Extract to Promote Gastrointestinal Health

Nutraferma recognizes the need for innovative nutritional alternatives to help prevent common digestive disorders.

Artvill is a natural herbal extract that helps protect swine, poultry and cattle from poor gastrointestinal health. Artvill greatly enhances productivity and is backed by university and field research.

Features & Benefits

  • Research has shown that the anti-inflammatory effects from Artvill can help to reduce the negative impact of the symptoms associated with Coccidiosis
  • Research has shown that rats treated with Artvill achieved a 99.9% repair rate of gastric lesions
  • Artvill has been shown to reduce the negative effects of Salmonella infection
  • Research indicates that Artvill aids in the prevention of enteric disease

In two recent university trials on the effects of Artvill on pigs challenged with Salmonella and E. coli respectively, pigs receiving Artvill achieved higher body weights than pigs not receiving Artvill and similar weights to the non-challenged control group. Contact us today for more information on this and other research studies.

Artvill is not available for sale in the USA.


Recent Research Trials Have Shown:

  • Pigs challenged with Salmonella and E.coli achieved higher body weights when fed diets containing Artvill
  • Broilers treated with Artvill showed an increase in average body weight and a decrease in mortality rate
  • Layers treated with Artvill showed an increase in egg production when compared to the control

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