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Fermented Soy Protein

All Natural Functional Soy Proteins

Our functional soy proteins are manufactured using a cutting edge solid-state fermentation process. This process helps to remove most of the anti-nutritional factors traditionally found in soy.


An All-Natural
Fermented-Soy Protein

PepSoyGen is a functional soy-protein ingredient with peptides, direct-fed microbials, and metabolites. The fermentation process increases the protein content while significantly reducing most of the anti-nutritional factors traditionally found in soy. The finished product contains the beneficial microbes Aspergillus oryzae and Bacillus subtilis as well as valuable metabolites. More Info


The Ultimate Piglet Probiotic

NF8 is a state-of-the-art soy-protein ingredient and a patented source of the viable microorganisms Pediococcus pentosaceus and Bacillus subtilis. The microbial enzymes produced during the micro-aerobic fermentation process work to create a soy-protein ingredient with higher protein content and lower anti-nutritional factors than soy. NF8 is a value-added source of protein that serves as an alternative to animal proteins. More Info