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Innovative Biotech Solutions for Piglets

Nutraferma takes the guess work out of producing profitable pigs.

We understand you need the best value for your inputs to create the best growth performance possible. Our products are proven to increase the efficiency of your feed. Nutraferma offers five innovative products for piglet diets.

Piglet Nutrition

UltraPro +

A Perfect Protein for Piglet Diets

A balance of well-proven animal peptides, fermented soy, metabolites and patented strains of viable beneficial microbes, UltraPro+ is a perfect functional protein for young piglet diets.

  • Abundant in low-molecular-weight peptides for increased nutrient bioavailability
  • University trials show that piglets fed diets containing UltraPro+ had significantly improved average daily gain and feed efficiency compared to piglets fed soybean, fish or poultry meal


An All-Natural Fermented-Soy Protein

PepSoyGen is a functional soy-protein ingredient, rich in short-chain peptides for increased nutrient bioavailability, direct-fed microbials, and metabolites.

  • University trials validate PepSoyGen as an outstanding source of protein, performing equally to or better than other protein sources for young animal diets
  • Proven a safe and effective replacement for animal-based proteins


A Value-Added Functional Soy Protein

NF8 is a state-of-the-art soy-protein ingredient and a patented source of the viable microorganisms Pediococcus pentosaceus and Bacillus subtilis.

  • Can be used as the fundamental source of protein for young animal diets
  • Unique fermentation process reduces anti-nutritional factors while increasing protein content
  • Guaranteed source of beneficial microorganisms to improve nutrient availability
  • Safe alternative to animal proteins


A Natural Enzyme Combination for Piglet Productivity

Enervance is a safe, natural combination of enzymes manufactured from solid-state fermentation technology.

  • Enervance has been shown to improve average daily gain in swine and improve gain-to-feed ratios
  • University research indicates improved gas control in broilers fed Enervance
  • Unique solid-state fermentation process creates a more robust feed enzyme than enzyme additives produced from the traditional liquid-state fermentation process
  • Enervance is designed to function over a broader pH range than common enzyme sources, which helps maintain efficiency from the stomach to the GIT


A Heat-Stable Lactobacillus for Stressed Animals

LactoPlan is an innovative direct-fed microbial product containing a patented strain of Lactobacillus plantarum.

  • LactoPlan contains viable microorganisms that work to provide nutritional benefits in poultry and swine
  • Nutraferma’s state-of-the-art production process creates a heat-stable Lactobacillus, therefore LactoPlan can be pelleted without loss of viable microorganisms
  • The unique combination of microbes, metabolites, and other microbial components found in LactoPlan work together to benefit the animal


A Natural Herbal Extract to Promote Gastrointestinal Health

Artvill is a natural herbal extract that helps protect swine, poultry and cattle from poor gastrointestinal health.

  • Research has shown that the anti-inflammatory effects from Artvill can help to reduce the negative impact of the symptoms associated with Coccidiosis
  • Research has shown that rats treated with Artvill achieved a 99.9% repair rate of gastric lesions

    Artvill has been shown to reduce the negative effects of Salmonella infection

  • Research indicates that Artvill aids in the prevention of enteric disease


Research Bulletin 4

Kansas State University, DeRouchey, et al. Piglets receiving diets containing UltraPro+ had significantly improved ADG and feed efficiency, day 0-14 compared to piglets fed fishmeal.

Research Bulletin 21

Trial conducted by a major U.S. feed manufacturer. UltraPro+ can replace poultry meal in the diets of weanling pigs, while significantly improving growth performance.

Research Bulletin 23

University of Illinois, Rojas. PepSoyGen can replace chicken meal, poultry by-product meal, or fishmeal in piglet diets while maintaining growth performance.

Additional Research Bulletins

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