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UltraPro +

A Perfect Protein for Piglet Diets

Replace Traditional Protein Sources

A balance of well-proven animal peptides, fermented soy, metabolites and patented strains of viable beneficial microbes, UltraPro+ is a perfect functional protein for young piglet diets.

Features & Benefits

  • Abundant in low-molecular-weight peptides for increased nutrient bioavailability
  • Proven to improve average daily gain and feed efficiency in piglets
  • Viable microbes remain in UltraPro+ providing a valuable source of direct-fed microbials and metabolites
  • UltraPro+ can replace traditional protein sources in the diets of weanling pigs to significantly improve growth performance


Research Bulletin 4

Kansas State University, DeRouchey, et al. Piglets receiving diets containing UltraPro+ had significantly improved ADG and feed efficiency, day 0-14 compared to piglets fed fishmeal.

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Research Bulletin 21

Trial conducted by a major U.S. feed manufacturer. UltraPro+ can replace poultry meal in the diets of weanling pigs, while significantly improving growth performance.

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