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A Natural Enzyme Combination for Animal Productivity

Nutraferma recognizes the parallel need for sustainably sourced and nutritionally sound ingredients to be used in today’s animal diets.

Enervance is a safe, natural combination of enzymes manufactured from solid-state fermentation technology. The combination of carbohydrates, cellulases, and proteases found in Enervance increase protein and starch digestibility in swine and poultry.

Features & Benefits

  • Enervance has been shown to improve average daily gain in swine and improve gain-to-feed ratios
  • University research indicates improved gas control in broilers fed Enervance
  • Unique solid-state fermentation process creates a more robust feed enzyme than enzyme additives produced from the traditional liquid-state fermentation process
  • Enervance is designed to function over a broader pH range than common enzyme sources, which helps maintain efficiency from the stomach to the GIT


Research Bulletin 55 (coming soon): Seoul National University. Weaned Piglets fed diets containing Enervance achieved improved average daily gain as well as gain-to-feed ratios during a 35 day trial.

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