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Innovative Biotech Solutions for Aquaculture

Nutraferma understands the need for sustainable nutritional solutions for aquaculture.

Fishmeal supplies are becoming increasingly scarce, making the need for a high-value protein source even more important. Aquaculture diets need to increase average daily gain. Feed must be utilized efficiently to not only create profit for the producer, but to create a needed protein source for the increasing world population. Gut integrity helps keep fish healthy and productive.

Our products are proven to boost average daily gain, feed efficiency, and gut integrity. Nutraferma offers two innovative solutions for aquaculture diets.

Aquaculture Nutrition


An All-Natural Fermented-Soy Protein

A functional soy-protein ingredient, with peptides, direct-fed microbials, and metabolites.

  • Rich in short-chain peptides for increased nutrient bioavailability
  • Research shows PepSoyGen as a viable protein replacement for high-quality fishmeal in aquaculture diets
  • University research demonstrates fish fed diets containing PepSoyGen performed better than those fed diets containing soybean meal or fishmeal


A Unique Direct-Fed Microbial

A direct-fed microbial that contains viable strains of Aspergillus oryzae, Bacillus subtilis, and valuable metabolites such as enzymes, organic acids, amino acids, and nucleic acids made from solid-state fermentation.

  • University research shows brown trout fry fed Natufermen had improved gain and feed efficiency relative to the control
  • In a university trial, rainbow trout fed diets containing Natufermen had significantly higher end weights and feed conversion rates compared to trout fed the control diet


Value Added Functional Soy Protien

A NF8 is a state-of-the-art soy-protein ingredient and a patented source of the viable microorganisms Pediococcus pentosaceus and Bacilus subtilis. The microbial enzymes produced during the micro-aerobic fermentatin process work to create a soy-protein ingredient with higher protein content and lower anti-nutritional factors than soy. NF8 is a value-added source of protein that serves as an alternative to animal proteins.

  • Can be used as the fundamental source of protein for young animal diets
  • Unique fermentation process reduces anti-nutritional factors while increasing protein content
  • Guaranteed source of beneficial microorganisms to improve nutrient availablity
  • Safe alternative to animal proteins


Research Bulletin 7

McNenny State Fish Hatchery in conjunction with Black Hills University. Juvenile Erwin rainbow trout fed diets containing Natufermen had significantly higher end weights and feed conversion rates compared to those trout not fed Natufermen.

Research Bulletin 25

Southern Illinois University by Dr. Jesse Trushenski. PepSoyGen can be included in the diets of juvenile striped bass while providing a substantial fishmeal sparing effect for these diets.

Additional Research Bulletins

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